"You Cover The News, We Got You Covered!" - Xiaomi Gives Powerbanks To Media At Palace


Cover image via Xiaomi Malaysia/Facebook

KFC, McDonald's, and Milo are not the only things being handed out to media outside Istana Negara.

Reporters have now received powerbanks from Xiaomi.

With all the political commotion going on during the past couple of days, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong made headlines earlier this week for handing out fast food to media working under the hot sun outside the palace.

On today's menu, 26 February, ikan patin tempoyak was given out for free.

Meanwhile, a nasi kandar restaurant, Nasi Kandar Express, also sponsored food and a Milo truck was parked outside the palace as several reporters were seen enjoying a cold drink.

Earlier today, Xiaomi jumped on the bandwagon by sharing photos of their staff handing out powerbanks as a thank you gift to the journalists

"You guys cover the news for us, we got you covered! Thank you, the unsung hero!", read the caption of their Facebook post, which has since been shared over 1,000 times.

You can see the full post here:

Win-win I guess. Xiaomi, can send to us also please? :p

Image via GIPHY

This isn't the first time a tech company has taken advantage of this marketing strategy:

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