This Hand-Shaped LED Light For Cars Lets You Flip People Off & Also Say 'I Love You'

Use at your own risk.

Cover image via pa1so5wza8/Shopee

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There are many healthy ways to release your rage, but every now and then, it'd be nice to be able to indulge in some immediate gratification

For example, dealing with people who don't use indicator lights when driving or exhibit reckless behaviour on the road, such as cutting queues, tailgating, or parking like a**holes, can be frustrating.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Jalan Minaki

Instead of rolling down your window to flip them off, you can now get an LED car light that does the job for you

(Of course, install it on your car at your own risk. We do not condone violence here.)

Image via Shopee

The light comes with a small remote control featuring three hand gestures: a hand, sign language for 'I love you', and the middle finger

Just click on the gesture mode you want and it will light up for the driver behind you.

So, you can show some love or thanks to kind drivers on the road too.  

The product comes with 203 LED light beads and 3M velcro tape, making it easy to attach to your car window or rear windshield.

Batteries are not included, so make sure to get three double AAs separately.

You can get it on Lazada or Shopee

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