Happy Noodle Baby, Murderous Mommy, And 9 Other Kids Who Are Owning Halloween This Year

With every great Halloween costume on a kid comes a very, very patient parent.

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1. Check out this parody of Momo who went viral dressed as No-Face from 'Spirited Away' in 2016:

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And we couldn't agree more!

Paying tribute to Momo who started the craze of looking at adorable kids in Halloween costumes is a brilliant idea.

2. This mommy who came with her baby dressed as cup noodle

Look at the chubby baby! We want to pinch his cheek.

3. This adorable girl who came dressed as Shumai, a traditional Chinese dumpling

Last year, she was dressed up as a bowl of ramen.

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My little bowl of pho dac biet, mommy could just eat you up

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4. Lunar landing sister-duo

The lunar module is not a prop. Inside it is elder sister Charlie (aged five), while standing beside her is mini Neil Armstrong named Ellie (aged two), according to CNET.

5. Team Millennium Falcon

A father built a drivable Millennium Falcon for his son Luke and Max (aged five and three) who dressed up as Han Solo and Chewbacca.

6. These group of siblings dressed as shadows are a little bit creepy

Peter Pan, you and your friends left your shadows here!

7. Georgie and Pennywise

No, you are not looking at set photos!

8. Joker thrown into society

Image via Facebook

Netizens love this Joker boy so much, people are starting to call him their #SpiritAnimal.

His tired look at a social event is too relatable!

9. This girl who is hilariously dressed as moon-faced emoji

10. This child whose headless stunt has her classmates all curious

It's one of those kinds of costumes that makes you question: "who is the mother of this child?"

11. Speaking of headless ghost ideas, this girl's costume has everyone talking about it

Image via SETN

This costume was so shocking to the public, photos of her went viral in Taiwan and it was even reported by various media.

Here are some pictures of her before she went out of the house and terrified the whole world.

Image via SETN

According to SETN, the mother said it was her daughter's idea to dress up as a headless ghost.

When asked why her daughter wanted to dress up as something so terrifying, she said, "It is because too few people cried last year. And no classmates thought she was scary."

Check out how Momo fared in this year's Halloween here:

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