Taiwanese Girl Known For Her Scary Halloween Costumes Is Back With A Sister Team-Up

Momo has grown from 'terrorising' her kindergarten classmates to the world. Boo!

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Remember Momo?

Back in 2017, she won Halloween after dressing up as Ryuk from 'Death Note' together with her sister Miemie as L, the mysterious detective from the same series.

A year before that, Momo dressed up as No-Face from 'Spirited Away' and scared her kindergarten classmates to tears.

Well, she is back to 'terrorise' your newsfeed as a Japanese urban legend spirit this Halloween

This year, Momo and Miemie have teamed up to dress as two iconic Japanese ghosts: Toire no Hanako-san and Ju-on.

Momo's costume, Toire no Hanako-san, is a Japanese urban legend spirit named Hanako-san who haunts school bathrooms.

As for Miemie's costume, Ju-on, it is from the famous Japanese horror movie franchise of the same name.

Even their mother has dressed up this year with her girls as Kayako Saeki from the same Ju-on franchise

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Meanwhile, others aren't too far behind in catching up to the Halloween fever

This boy dressed up as Joker has gone viral after netizens found his tired face relatable.

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It is believed that the boy is from South Korea and he was photographed during his kindergarten Halloween celebration.

"His expression is on point. He looks sadder than sad," one netizen said in jest.

"He looks like he is not enjoying it all," another joked.

This girl has people chuckling with her smirking face emoji costume!

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Last Halloween, we saw some of the most creative costumes from these adorable kids:

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