'Harry Potter' Spotted Gliding On Flying Fox Across Kuala Kubu Bharu Jungle

The company specially arranged it for him.

Cover image via @zulhilmi_weng (Instagram)

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A guy was recently caught on camera gliding across a flying fox dressed as Harry Potter in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor

Content creator Zulhilmi Weng, who identifies as a 'Potterhead', told SAYS that he always dreamed of experiencing what it feels to be Harry Potter flying on a Nimbus 3000. 

Instead of merely dressing up as the character, he wanted a more realistic experience and asked the flying fox company, Rentas Adventures Park, if they could arrange this unusual set up.

Zulhilmi said after ensuring that safety measures were in place and conducting a test round, the company agreed to his request, adding that this was the first time they'd done it in Malaysia.

Here's a snippet of him gliding:

Speaking to SAYS, Zulhilmi shared that he made the broom himself using materials he bought from a DIY shop, attaching a stick to a penyapu lidi, the kind typically used for outdoor sweeping in Asian households

Here's a picture for reference:

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Shopee

Zulhilmi also said that he reused his convocation gown from eight years ago as part of his Harry Potter outfit and employed a cinematic editing style for his videos.

Zulhilmi and his friends in their convocation outfits from years ago.

Image via Zulhilmi Weng (Provided to SAYS)

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