Here Are 2 Strategies You Can Experiment With While Playing 'Wordle'

The popular word game has people hooked on it.

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Disclaimer: This story contains tips that might diminish the fun of the game.

Going viral on Twitter and beyond lately is a simple and fun game called Wordle

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With a name that sounds like a word from a children's book, the game brings you back to a simpler time when our tiny brains enjoyed solving challenging puzzles with straightforward game rules

To win the game, you have six tries to put in a five-letter word to match the mysterious word of the day.

Whenever you get any of the letters right, they will turn either green or yellow.

Yellow indicates that the final word contains the letter but is in the wrong box; green indicates that the letter is in the right box just as the final word.

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You can only play Wordle once a day, which adds to the addictiveness of the game.

Also, when you win the game and want to share your achievement, the message comes in cute boxes that indicate how well you did.

These are probably the two reasons why the game is extremely popular recently.

Before you continue, this is the final warning before you learn about the strategies as that might spoil the fun of the game for you.

But if you know you will enjoy the game with or without the tips, read on! :D

Step 1: Choose if you either want to be in Team Vowel or Team Consonant

Our editors and writers at SAYS cannot come to a unison agreement on which strategy is the best.

Therefore, we impart these two strategies, as both have their pros and cons.

Team Vowel are people who put in a word with many vowels on their first try.

They believe their strategy has a high chance of hitting multiple right letters, hence, making it easy to move on to the next try.

Team Consonant, on the other hand, are people who use a word with many consonants on their first try.

They believe their strategy, albeit with low chances of hitting the right letters, when they get it right, is easier to fill in the remaining missing vowels.

There are only five vowels in English, with the remaining 21 being consonants. It is essentially a high risk, high reward strategy for Team Consonant.

Depending on whether you are more attuned to completing words with vowels or consonants, these two schools of thought are sound strategies.

Step 2: Choose the first word that you want to begin with

Now that you have chosen to be in either Team Vowel or Team Consonant, it is time to pick the best word to begin the game.

Below are the words Team Vowel can use as they have four vowels in them:

What you are deciding above is choosing the consonant within the selection. Since the first word is based on luck, there is no right answer here.

We like 'AULOI' and 'LOUIE' the most because the letter L seems to be more commonly found in words as compared to other consonants available in the list.

Below are the words Team Consonant can use as they have four to five consonants in them:

The list goes on and on. If we give you more, you will probably not remember them. But you get the idea.

The words above, regardless of whether you are in Team Vowel or Team Consonant, are there to get you started

You know what they say, the first step is the hardest.

There is probably a mathematical method out there that calculates all the five-letter words in English and come out with the word with the highest probability of hitting the most yellow or green boxes.

But we are not going to do that, as it will surely take the fun out of the game.

Now that you are equipped with these two strategies, visit Wordle here and start playing!

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