17 Hottest Contestants On 'Physical: 100' — The Trending Netflix Series In Malaysia Now

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Physical: 100 was trending as the #1 Netflix series in Malaysia over the weekend

Image via Netflix/BGR

The new adrenaline-fuelled Korean reality TV series, likened to a real-life Squid Game, is gaining popularity all over the world, trending as one of the top series to watch on Netflix in multiple countries.

If you don't know what it's about yet, here's a quick summary:

100 contestants in top physical shape compete in a series of gruelling challenges to claim the honour — and KRW300 million (RM1 million) — as the last one standing.

Coming from different backgrounds and careers, these selected contestants get eliminated throughout the competition until one winner takes home the cash reward and title

Image via Netflix

Episodes are being aired every week, with each one making us sit on the edge of our seats – not just for the eye-candy – but for the kan cheong challenges that have us rooting for our favourite contestants.

Here are some of our top 'eye-candy' choices so far:

1. Yun Sung-bin aka Monster (National team skeleton racer)

2. Jang Eun-sil (National team wrestler)

3. Jun aka Tarzan (Travel YouTuber)

4. Ko Da-young (Pilates instructor)

6. Kim Ye-hyun (Bodybuilder, former fencer)

7. YOYO (Model)

8. Kim Kyung-jin (Farmer, YouTuber)

9. Yang Hak-seon (Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast)

10. Yoo Ga-ram (Inline skater)

Image via K Crush
Image via K Crush

11. Yoshihiro Akiyama aka Choo Sung-hoon (MMA fighter, judoka)

12. Youn Jun-hyeoup (Model)

13. Shim Eu-ddeum (YouTuber, former competitive fitness model)

14. Cha Hyun-seung (Dancer, model)

Fun fact: He also took part in Single's Inferno Season 1.

15. Song A-reum (Bodybuilder)

16. Kang Chun-il (Pilates instructor, dancer)

17. Caro (Crossfitter/YouTuber)

Who are you rooting for in 'Physical: 100'? Share with us!

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