Iconic Cat Statue In Kuching Dons N95 Mask To Remind Locals To Take Care Of Their Health

Remember to wear your face masks throughout this distressing meow-ment.

Cover image via See Hua Daily News/Facebook & Free Malaysia Today

Face masks are running out everywhere as the haze worsens in many parts of Malaysia.
Thankfully, the iconic cat statue in Kuching managed to gets its paws on the N95 mask.

Image via The Borneo Post

The Borneo Post reported that on Sunday, 22 September, the cat statue at Jalan Padungan had been dressed up by the Kuching City South Council.

They gave the cat a face mask with 'N95' stamped on it, in reference to the type of mask recommended for use during the haze.

In one paw, the cat can be seen holding up a banner with a list of reminders to help people cope with the haze

The banner advises locals to rehydrate frequently, stay indoors, wear masks outdoors, and to wash theirs hands and face after going outdoors.

It also urges the public to seek medical assistance if feeling unwell.

Netizens think the cat sets a good example for everyone else who refuse to wear masks and take care of their health in this weather

One person wrote, "Even cats know to wear masks. When are you going to wear one? Later you'll say that the haze is making you breathe through fish gills just because you don't want to go to work."

Another netizen said, "Wow, this cat got the N95 mask. I searched almost everywhere in Kuching, it's out of stock." 

And of course, others can't help but talk about how cute the kitty is.

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