We Tried Following This Girl's 3-Step Beatboxing Tutorial And Here Are The Results

Her tutorial is great; we are not.

Cover image via Twitter @QizBalqis

Have you ever tried beatboxing before but ended up looking like this:

Image via Conan

Yeah, we've all been there.

Recently, a girl's three-step beatboxing tutorial went viral on Twitter

On Thursday, 19 September, Twitter user @QizBalqis, also known as Qiz, posted a 36-second video of herself beatboxing in her bedroom.

She wrote, "Okay, today I want to teach [you] how to beatbox."

The tweet has since garnered 18,000 retweets and 334,000 views.

In the video, Qiz said that all it takes to beatbox are three letters

The 21-year-old from Shah Alam told SAYS that she has been beatboxing since 2015.

She said in the video that if you repeat the letters B,T, and K, over and over again, it'll form a beat.

She repeated the letters slowly before speeding up and voila - she's beatboxing!

The video looked awfully simple so we decided to try it out for ourselves

Here's how our writer Tammy did:

Not bad, eh?

And here's an attempt by our trusty SAYS Makan specialist Ihsan: 

'A' for effort.

But here's the best one yet. Presenting, Riyal from the strategy team:

Show off. :p

Several netizens said that their attempts ended up in epic fails

One person wrote, "I tried it and my kid asked, 'Dad, are you speaking Javanese?'"

Another netizen said, "I could only follow the video up until the hi."

Twitter user @haizadsykes said, "It didn't work... It's so hard, my friend told me to spit properly."

Watch the full tutorial here:

Would you try following this tutorial? Let us know in the comments section!

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