IKEA's Shark Mascot Wears Fancy Suit While Selling Naked BLÅHAJs To Customers In Japan

Well-dressed shark.

Cover image via @staygoldsvt17 (Twitter)

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IKEA's BLÅHAJ plushie has always gone viral for the funniest reasons

When it first released, the Internet started making the shark soft toy carry out daily human activities.

It ate cereal, went to work at an office, and even spent time at a park. 

But if you thought that was cute, have you seen the BLÅHAJ... in a suit and tie? ◕‿◕

The shark soft toy was recently brought to life promoting fellow, undressed BLÅHAJs.

Looking dapper in its outfit, the company's mascot was seen waving and luring customers to an IKEA pop-up store at Hakata Station in Japan.

The mascot was first introduced as a 'real estate agent' promoting tiny homes in Japan back in 2021

Not only can the shark speak in Japanese, it also breaks out in dance halfway through the video advertisement.

Please enjoy the full video below:

Never forget this adorable moment when a grandma sewed the shark's mouth close 'cause she found it too fierce:

We may not have the mascot but IKEA Malaysia recently released adorable BLÅHAJ buns with red bean:

Speaking of shark plushies, everyone needs one of these in their lives: