You Can Now Say "Is It Because I'm Chinese?" With A T-Shirt Instead

Let your T-shirt do the talking.

Cover image via Facebook & Qoo10

Last month, a Go-Jek passenger in Singapore made headlines for accusing her driver of kidnapping her

In the seven-minute viral video posted on Facebook on 31 January, the woman claimed that her driver was intentionally taking Singapore's electronic toll gantries (ERP) in order to cheat her for more money.

Image via Facebook

The woman screamed that she was being kept hostage because the doors were locked, even after the driver and a police officer explained to her about the car's auto-lock feature.

 "Is it because I'm Chinese?" she yelled in response.

Just like that, an iconic catchphrase was born, and netizens thoroughly enjoyed the meme-making frenzy that followed

While the "Is it because I'm Chinese?" memes were hilarious and entertaining, they apparently weren't enough.

For RM54 (SGD18), you can also sport a T-shirt bearing the catchphrase!

Image via Qoo10

The cheeky tees have also gotten a multiracial treatment, as "Is it because I'm Malay?" and "Is it because I'm Indian?" tees are also available for sale

Image via Qoo10
Image via Qoo10

There's even one especially for Singaporeans, in honour of the meme's birthplace!

Image via Qoo10

Available in black and white, you can snag any of the T-shirts on Qoo10.

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