Japanese Aquarium Makes Cute Sushi Roll 'Beds' For Eel To Sleep In

Will never look at sushi the same way again.

Cover image via uminomori & @sendaiuminomori (Twitter)

Eels love their safe, narrow spaces. They're usually found hiding in caves or burying themselves in soft sediment or sand.

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Taking that into consideration, Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium in Japan came up with an adorable 'hideout' by installing ehomaki (sushi roll) cylinders for their eel to slide into

Image via uminomori

Look at their 'widdle' heads poking out ༼☯﹏☯༽

Just a little guy needing his space...

Anago, also known as conger eel, can grow to about 40cm to 90cm and are usually used as an ingredient in ehomaki.

Contrary to unagi, which is freshwater eel, anago is saltwater eel.

According to the website, the eel can be spotted at the aquarium between 16 January and 3 February.

The attraction became so popular that the aquarium released plushies this year

The plushie even allows you to remove the eel from the sushi roll to use as a bolster. Cute.

Is it too evil to add this sushi list after reading that story? :P

A Japanese company also came up with adorable pillows inspired by Osaka Aquarium's chonky seals named Yuki-chan and Arare-chan:

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