What Happens When You Allow Japanese Students To Wear ANYTHING They Want On Graduation Day

This year's graduation at the Kanazawa College of Art basically looked like the lobby of an epic Comic Con.

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So... there's an Art College in Japan Called Kanazawa College of Art, which is, unlike, any other Art College in the world

Kanazawa College of Arts

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The Kanazawa College of Art (金沢美術工芸大学) is a university in Kanazawa, Japan. It was founded in 1946 by the municipal government following the World War II.

Because when students graduate from the Kanazawa College of Art, they get to wear WHATEVER they want to their graduation ceremony. Like. Literally. ANYTHING.

Students dressed in various costumes receiving their graduation degree.

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And they certainly rise to the challenge. See...

A graduating student dressed as musical instrument.

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Last month, the college had their graduation ceremony and as you can see, it looks totally incredible

The graduation hall full of students dressed in various kinds of dresses.

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Basically, Kanazawa College doesn't have a dress code for the ceremony and over the years students have been upping the ante and turning the whole thing into an epic cosplay competition

The event is such a spectacle that local news vans show up and interview students about what they’re wearing

For instance, this cardboard Iron Man holding his very own press conference

The effort these students put into their outfit is really something. You can't help but praise them for their sporting attitude.

That boy on the right is the cult hit character from the 'No More Movie Piracy' campaign. Let’s just hope he’s not filming without permission.

It's not just Kanazawa College, actually many universities in Japan don’t require graduating students to wear gowns, although students often choose to attend in formal clothing. But who would have thought to see a troop of Mario Kart cosplayers lining up for graduation?

Last year’s ceremony looks like it was pretty awesome, too! Cardboard box, whose name is Danbo and is apparently everyone's favourite there, was in attendance.

There was also this dude dressed as Sony mobile...

But it’s not only art colleges where Japanese students take the opportunity to cosplay for graduation! These photos from last year’s graduation at Kyoto University, Japan’s second-oldest university and one of the highest-ranking schools in Asia, are totally cool too.

Let's just hope Japan never, ever changes. Here are some more photos of graduating students in epic cosplays:

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Sadly, we couldn't find Ultraman in the sea of students


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