Kelantan Stall Makes 'Roti Canai Ular' And It Actually Looks Really Yummy

If your morning breakfasts aren't interesting enough.

Cover image via Nik Abdullah Nik Omar/Harian Metro & ASEAN World 24 (Facebook)

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The next time you visit Kota Bahru, Kelantan, make sure to order yourself a 'roti canai ular'

According to a viral post on the community Facebook group, 'ASEAN World 24', a user has introduced the snake-shaped roti canai as a delicacy invented in the city.

Explaining the dish to the Southeast Asian page, the Facebook user, Kavi Ajasya, said, "Roti canai ular is a Malaysian flatbread that is shaped into a snake. Ular means snake in the Malay language. This unique dish is invented by a stall in Kota Bharu, in the state of Kelantan."

The Facebook post has since garnered over 500 comments and 1,400 shares by fascinated netizens.

The roti canai, shaped only like a reptile and does not contain actual snake, actually went viral in Malaysia over two years ago

According to Harian Metro, the dish was made by roti canai hawker, Che Harun Ali, with over 30 years of experience running a food stall in Kelantan.

The roti canai ular went viral after a customer saw him make one for himself for lunch one day.

"When I was about to eat, a customer saw me and suggested that I make roti canai like this to sell. I've been trying to improve its shape and this is what it has become," he told the Malay daily in 2020.

Che Harun's eatery was not named, but it is known to be located on Jalan Kubur Kuda in Kota Bharu.

It must have been a good idea as the uniquely-shaped roti has drawn recent renewed interest on the Facebook post

An interested netizen from overseas said, "Where is the snake roti shop in Kota Bharu? If I'm going to go, [I want to] taste roti canai, too."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, Malaysians praised the shop owner for his simple yet creative way of attracting attention from more customers.

Image via Facebook

While many were amused, some others were also disturbed by the snake-shaped roti canai and said they would not even step into the shop.

Image via Facebook

Not convinced? Maybe a biawak-shaped roti canai will amuse you instead:

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