[PHOTOS] Students At These Japanese Universities Can Wear Whatever They Want To Graduation

Comic-Con has got nothing on these graduation ceremonies.

Cover image via Imgur

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There are a couple of public universities in Japan that are unlike any other in the world.

Because they allow students to wear whatever — literally anything — they want on graduation day.

A student at Kyoto University dressed as Darth Maul.

Image via Kyoto University (Facebook)

Students at Kanazawa College of Art dressed in various costumes receive their graduation degrees.

Image via RocketNews24

Students dressed as American leaders.

Image via @kyodai360 (Twitter)

And they certainly rise to the challenge

A graduating student from Kanazawa College of Art dressed as a musical instrument.

Image via @nikata920 (Twitter)

One of the universities, Kanazawa College of Art, doesn't have a dress code for the graduation ceremony.

And over the years students have been upping the ante and turning the whole thing into an epic cosplay competition.

The event is such a spectacle that local news vans show up and interview students about what they are wearing

Image via Twitter

For instance, this cardboard Iron Man holding his very own press conference

The effort these students put into their outfits is really something.

You can't help but praise them for their sporting attitude.

That boy on the right is the cult hit character from the 'No More Movie Piracy' campaign. Let's just hope he's not filming without permission.

Image via Twitter

The other university that doesn't require graduating students to wear gowns is Kyoto University, the second oldest university in Japan

Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur

Comic-Con has got nothing on these graduation day ceremonies

Cardboard box, who is apparently everyone's favourite there, was in attendance during the graduation day a few years ago

There was also this dude dressed as a Sony mobile

Let's just hope Japan never, ever changes.

Here are some more photos of graduating students in epic cosplays.

Recently, a group of engineering students in the Philippines made headlines for their creative method to avoid cheating during exams:

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