10 Life-Changing Things That Happened To Malaysia So Far This Year

*sings Negaraku with pride*

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Entering our 61st year of independence, a lot has happened this year that changed our nation

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It's safe to say that this year will go down in the sejarah books.

Here are some of the shocking things that happened in Malaysia this year:

1. After more than half a century, we have a new ruling government

It came as a shock to everyone. After almost 61 years as the ruling party of Malaysia, BN was dethroned by Pakatan Harapan. 

2. Ipoh was named the top destination for tasting local food

Image via The Smart Local conducted a survey in August and October last year and collected over 75,000 responses from all over the world.

Ipoh beat places like Taiwan and Japan, while Johor Bahru came in 4th place!

3. Malaysians overseas came together to bring back postal votes

It was a race against time. Malaysians all over the world were contacting each other to try to get their ballots back home in time. Heartwarming stories flooded social media with people going out of their way to help total strangers.

4. Durian season is now longer and the fruits are way cheaper!

It's a good year for durian lovers. Not only is it a couple of months longer, you also get to be picky and pay a cheaper price! 

5. We said bye-bye to GST

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GST was brought down to 0% recently and Malaysians were very, very happy. Cheaper food, cheaper cars, cheaper everything!

6. Grab officially acquiring Uber

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Now we all must install the Grab app in our phones.

7. We have our first female Deputy Prime Minister ever

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A win for gender equality, Dato Seri Dr. Wan Azizah became Malaysia's first ever female Deputy Prime Minister.

8. Malaysia competed in the Winter Olympics for the first time ever

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Julian Yee, a 20-year-old figure skater and Jeffrey Webb, a 20-year-old alpine skater, are the first athletes to compete in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. 

9. Malaysians raising millions for the Tabung Harapan

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Malaysians raised and donated more than RM165 million to the Tabung Harapan, an initiative to enable Malaysians to donate towards reducing the RM1.087 trillion national debt.

10. LUSH is opening in Malaysia

The UK brand is known for producing natural and sustainable bath and beauty products and they're finally bringing their wonderfully scented products here! 

Tanah tumpah darahku, Malaysia may have undergone several major changes but one thing's for sure, this is still our beautiful home!

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