Watch Malaysians Play 'Negaraku' On The Recorder For The First Time In 10 Years

"I feel like I'm disrespecting the national anthem!"

Cover image via SAYS

Ah... recorders. Probably the only music instrument every Malaysian student knew how to play.

Image via dyraziq YouTube

Okay, fine, you only know how to play 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'. That counts too!

For most of us, it's been at least a decade since we even touched a recorder.

So, what happens when you make a bunch of grown-up Malaysians play 'Negaraku' on the recorder? Watch to find out:

#GrowingUpInMalaysia, we also recited the Rukunegara every Monday during perhimpunan. But do Malaysians still remember the verses...?

Our school days had to be the best time of our lives:

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