Lost Puppy In China Refuses To Leave Its Teddy Bear Behind After Rescue

The puppy whined and begged its rescuer until she went back to collect its teddy bear.

Cover image via 都市时报 (Weibo) & 欢月yue (Weibo)

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"Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind."

And to this puppy, ohana is a stuffed teddy bear that it refused to leave behind when the puppy was discovered and rescued by a passerby.

In a video uploaded by the Chinese news site City Times (transliteration) on Weibo on Thursday, 23 March, the woman, surnamed Zhang, discovered the wet, dirty puppy and its teddy bear beside a river in Shandong province, China.

When Zhang approached the puppy, she saw it affectionately licking and snuggling the stuffed animal.

The puppy appeared to be wearing a yellow collar around its neck, having possibly gotten separated or abandoned by its previous owner.

Seeing that the puppy was in bad shape, Zhang decided to take it home and foster it temporarily

With a little coaxing, the puppy followed Zhang home. However, she noticed that the dog kept looking back to where it was first found.

The canine then began to whine and beg Zhang to turn around and follow it back to the riverside.

Zhang realised that the puppy wanted to bring along the stuffed teddy bear it was found with, unwilling to leave it behind.

Seeing how much the toy meant to the puppy, Zhang decided to take the teddy bear along and soon after, the puppy began to follow her home, where she washed both the toy and puppy clean.

On Zhang's personal Weibo account, she regularly uploads videos of the puppy, with its best friend never far away

She said that the puppy was not in good condition, with several skin lesions on its body. Zhang has since brought the dog to a vet and is caring for it in her home.

Zhang added that she is only looking to foster the puppy and is currently looking for its owner or anyone who is interested in owning a dog. She said that she is unable to care for the puppy full time as she already owns three dogs.

"If I am not able to look after four dogs, I will find someone suitable to adopt it and its teddy bear," she told the news site.

The video warmed the hearts of millions and garnered 7.82 million views and 124,700 likes on Weibo

Many netizens were touched by the incredible bond the puppy had with its stuffed teddy bear, with many deeming the pair as life-long friends.

"The puppy was abandoned by its owner, this teddy bear is a ray of light in the puppy's dark world," one netizen wrote.

"The puppy knew that it was raining and it was getting dark, so it couldn't leave the bear alone," another netizen theorised.

"The puppy must have been thinking that before it met a kind-hearted person, it was the teddy bear that kept it company," a Weibo user said. 

Image via Weibo

You can watch the adorable video below:

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