M'sian Comedian Meets BBC Host After Going Viral For Roasting The Way She Cooked Rice

"Draining! What is she doing? Drain the rice? Oh my god."

Cover image via Twitter @hershapatel1 & mrnigelng/YouTube

UK-based Malaysian stand-up comedian Nigel Ng has finally met up with BBC Food host Hersha Patel after her egg fried rice cooking tutorial became famous for unfortunate reasons

The two met up amicably despite Ng having made fun of Hersha's method of preparing rice as his YouTube alter ego, Uncle Roger.

"Big development, Uncle Roger is now making a collaboration with egg fried rice lady," Ng said in a tweet on Saturday, 25 July, after they met to discuss her 'crimes' against rice.

In the short reveal, Ng first asked netizens to stop bullying the cooking show host online.

"Hersha's really good, she's a great presenter, really funny. Don't post anything mean on Instagram alright. Otherwise, Uncle Roger will come for you," he said.

"Because whilst this guy's blown up, like nobody's business, I've been trolled!" Hersha chimed in.

She clarified, "Okay, I'll just make a quick point. I was doing a job for BBC, presenting their recipes. I know how to cook rice! And that's all I'm saying about that."

The two then told fans to wait for their collaboration video, in which Hersha promised she will show Uncle Roger how she actually cooks rice.

Uncle Roger's hilarious reaction to how the BBC host cooked rice took the Internet by storm recently as people from all over the world related to his distress

In an exaggerated accent in the video, the comedian watched in exasperation as she prepared the dish in an unconventional manner, which included not washing the rice before cooking, using a cup to measure her water-to-rice ratio, and - most confusing to Uncle Roger - draining her rice after cooking.

"Draining! What is she doing? Drain the rice? Oh my god," Uncle Roger cried as she shook cooked rice out of her saucepan and into a colander over the sink.

"You killing me, woman!" he said in disbelief, adding that he had never seen anyone drain their rice like this before.

He was further shocked when she continued to stand at the sink and swirl the rice under running tap water

"What the hell?" he exclaimed. "Uncle Roger is so upset, I have to put my leg down from my chair... Why you use running water? You ruining the rice!"

"First you use colander to dry the rice, and now you put water. Then why bother drying the rice?" he asked, perplexed.

"Who cook rice like this? How did this woman get on BBC Food? They never asked Uncle Roger. Uncle Roger can teach MasterClass on making rice," he continued.

Ng's video, which was uploaded on his YouTube channel on 8 July, now has over five million views

The video garnered worldwide attention, drawing comments from people of all backgrounds saying that they were as mortified as Uncle Roger with the way the rice was prepared.

The Malaysian comedian himself has also gained many new fans with people laughing at his outrageous accent and comments.

The video has also since been circulated on other platforms on the Internet, notably boasting another nine million views on Twitter after it was shared by American comic Jenny Yang last Thursday, 23 July.

Watch Ng's hilarious video here:

Don't mess with Asians, especially Malaysians, and their food:

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