Guess What? Burger Number 460 Was Part Of The Jackpot Number Yesterday

The Internet continues to have a field day with the 'RM460 burger' incident.

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Was it coincidence or just our selective attention?

Following the incident revolving a man paying RM460 just to eat a burger at a birthday party, the jackpot number for Magnum 4D yesterday, 7 October, was 3460.

It is a common practice for many punters to always buy lottery numbers based on something they see in their daily lives.

That is why when the first-prize winning number for Magnum4D included part of the number '460' on Wednesday — the only drawing day on weekdays in Malaysia — many Malaysians freaked out and expressed regret for not buying the lottery.

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Coincidentally, Magnum4D had published a Facebook post ahead of the results yesterday, encouraging punters to bet on numbers related to the burger incident

In a Facebook post uploaded at 3.11pm on Wednesday, Magnum4D wrote, "Winning our Magnum 4D Jackpot game gives you the chance to indulge in as many burgers and fries as you like." 

The visual of the post shows a cheeseburger and a copy that reads "Number inspirations for burger".

The post ended by calling punters to go buy a lottery ticket, reminding them that their outlets close at 7pm.

Shockingly enough, the lottery company later that evening declared 3460 as the jackpot

Commenting on the lottery results on its Facebook page, said Magnum4D really gives punters omnipotence — a reference to the lottery company's famous tagline often said in Chinese.

"Hoseh liao, (this is the result of) the storm created by three persons' argument over a burger. Did you win?" our sister site wrote on the post while showing the lottery results.

Meanwhile on Magnum4D's Facebook page, many netizens jokingly accused the lottery company of rigging the game.

"Awww! Did you guys rig the game or the universe really did align for this? We have to know!" a netizen asked Magnum4D this morning, 8 October

"Hello Magnum, your guys do the results with hand ar? How we trust your company in future? Three person case, because 460 (sic)," another person said in jest with laughing emojis.

"This is called the Law of Attraction on a national scale," commented a Facebook user.

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