Man Who Joined A Girl's Birthday Party Was Told To Pay RM920 Despite Eating Just A Burger

The man ordered a burger that cost RM88, but was told to pay RM920 in total.

Cover image via Allen哥 (Facebook) & China Press

An incident of a Malaysian man who was told to pay RM920 for attending a birthday party has become a hot topic on social media, prompting netizens and even brands to jump on the bandwagon

The man was invited to join a woman's birthday party at an upscale restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. 

According to Sin Chew Daily, the man was reluctant to join as he was not close with the birthday woman's friends, but in the end, promised to show up anyway.

The relationship between the man and the birthday woman is unclear, but screenshots of chat history between the two show that they often flirt with one another, with the latter claiming that the man is her "type".

During the birthday dinner, the man ordered himself a burger that cost RM88 and a drink, but the rest of the attendees were having a feast, ordering alcohol and multiple dishes

The group of eight ended up eating a meal that cost a whopping RM3,679.

Based on a photo of the receipt, it is learned that the group ordered two bottles of Italian wine Barbera d'Alba that cost RM404 each, as well as two premium Japanese steaks costing RM396 and RM456 each, among other things.

The group then decided to split the bill evenly, thus making each attendee pay RM460 per person.

The man reportedly paid his share anyway.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

But that is not all. The man was told to foot the bill for the birthday woman's share as well, totalling to RM920.

Infuriated by the request, the man refused to pay the extra RM460 and it led to one of the woman's friends taking to social media to ridicule the man, reported China Press.

However, her plan backfired with many netizens attacking her for demanding that the man pay an unfair amount.

Netizens contended that since the man had already paid RM460 despite just eating a burger, it is unreasonable for him to pay another RM460 for the birthday woman's share as well.

To make matters worse, an Instagram Story filmed during the dinner by one of the woman's friends claims that the man is a "stranger who is just sitting with us".

It prompted more netizens to defend the man.

After the issue blew up, the man broke his silence

Taking to Facebook, he asked netizens not to attack the birthday woman and her friends.

According to the man, the said friend had apologised to him over a phone call and urged netizens to stop harassing the women.

"After some pondering, as a man, I feel like we should not blow small matters out of proportion," he said.

"I heard that the person's voice on the phone sounds very sad."

"After all, they are women. They did nothing wrong. The problem with the money has also been resolved as everyone has come to share the bill. Thank you for everyone's help and I love you all."

The man's statement urging netizens to stop harassing the women involved.

Image via Ho Kim Chong (Facebook)

The incident, however, is still on everyone's lips at the time of writing, even with brands making references to the issue on social media

Among them is GSC, writing on Facebook, "No need to be water fish. Book an entire hall with less than RM460."

While KL Foodie uploaded a video about burgers, with a caption that reads, "10 must-try burgers in Klang Valley that won't cost you a fortune (RM460)."

Even the restaurant where the group of friends celebrated the birthday party at, Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur, had today, 7 October, posted a video of the burger which the man ate.

The restaurant called it "The Original '460' Burger" at Horizon Grill. 

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