[VIDEO] M'sian Couples Put Their Relationship To The Test In A Never Have I Ever Challenge

From whether they've lied to their parents about their partner to whether they've secretly looked through each other's phones, the couples spill it all!

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

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All you lovebirds out there, would you dare to go up against your bae in a Never Have I Ever challenge?

On the one hand, now's your chance to ask your bb anythinggg you want. But on the flipside, you gotta be ready to potentially answer some hard-hitting questions too, jeng jeng!

Well, a Never Have I Ever challenge is exactly what Pharmaniaga Naturals made us take on recently

Engaged couple Iylia and Justin, as well as Nadiah and Bevan, who have been in a relationship for three years, were pitted against each other to see just what secrets they've been keeping, ooooo. Did any juicy secrets come to light? And who came out on top in the end?

Watch the full video below to see what went down:

Wah, first question itself so drama! When asked if they'd ever lied to their parents about their partner, Iylia was the only one who said yes, huhu.

Iylia: "He is four years younger than me, and I didn't know whether my mum specifically would be okay with that. Then, when she met you, she just looked at me and was like, 'he's not a year younger'. And I was like, 'yeah, actually he's four (years younger)'."

Omg, Nadiah revealed that she has looked through Bevan's phone without him knowing before! But, it was just the locksreen 'cause she didn't know his password, hahaha.

Nadiah: "I have."

Bevan: "Oh, okay."

Nadiah: "It was just the lock screen, 'cause at that time I still didn't know what your passcode was."

Justin swears that he never hides his farts, and in fact, he even openly farted during his first date with Iylia. That's gotta be a sign of true love, kan? Hehe ;)

Justin: "In the car as I was fetching her, then I already told her, warn her la, you know? Give her warning and said, 'I'm gonna fart damn a lot, so...'. Then, I went, pooooot!"

Horrrr, Bevan has been hiding a secret from Nadiah... Kantoi!

Bevan: "So, I went shopping with her on Saturday. Right? Found something that I'm interested in. And... I bought it on Sunday. So, she doesn't know."

Nadiah: "Oh my God, you bought it? I knew it! Oh my God!!"

The girls ended up winning the challenge, so they were rewarded with a sweet treat — Arnia Premium Kelulut Honey

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