TikToker Shows How To Peel Sticky Notes The 'Right' Way So It Doesn't Curl Up

How about that?!

Cover image via @sidneyraz (TikTok)

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Apparently, we may have been peeling sticky notes the wrong way

At least, according to a TikToker who has been sharing life hacks on the popular platform.

As part of a series called 'things I wish I knew before I was in my 30s', TikTok user, @sidneyraz, shared how we are actually supposed to peel sticky notes so that they don't curl up.

It's one of those life hacks that one usually doesn't think about and is more accidental in discovery.

He says the right way to peel a sticky note is to peel it from the top corner


He shows the process by rotating the sticky notes bundle clockwise and then carefully peeling the note from one of the top ends of the adhesive side.

As he shows, peeling it from the side helps the note not curl up

The video, posted earlier this week, has garnered over 300,000 views

In the comment section, one of the most liked comments highlights how the manufacturers should have put instructions, which the TikToker agrees with.

Others in the comment section expressed their own disappointment about not knowing this simple hack.

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