We Tried That Viral Easy Hack That Will Change The Way You Throw Away Egg Cartons Forever

Save space in your dustbin.

Cover image via SAYS

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There are many ways that you can recycle an egg carton

You can paint it and use it to store small items, grow seeds, or keep barbecue fires burning — the possibilities are endless. 

But if you just want to toss it out, it can be annoying when it takes up unnecessary space in your dustbin.

Image via SAYS

Thanks to kind souls on the Internet who share useful life hacks, there's an easy way to throw away paper egg cartons (if you don't already do this)

This is the hack we saw on TikTok:

All you need to do is wet the empty egg carton under running water, then crush it. It ends up being a much smaller clump that will take up less room in your garbage bin.

We tested it out and it works:

But after a few tries, we realised that some brands soak quicker than others.

So for those, the key is to wet it and leave it while you do the dishes or whatever else, then crush it once it's soft.

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