Malaysian Guy Tries To Buy A Pair Of Cheap Shoes Online But Gets Trolled Instead

Too good to be true.

Cover image via Twitter @Afirhuls & DG Manila

Do you ever get excited when you stumble upon a great deal while scrolling on social media?

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A Malaysian's tweet recently went viral after he shared how he was taken for a ride by a Shopee advertisement of an apparent good deal

"Shopee one, Firul zero," wrote the Twitter user @Afirhuls in a tweet posted on Tuesday, 18 February that has been retweeted over 6,000 times.

The first photo shows how he found an advertisement for a pair of men's shoes on sale.

At a whopping 89% discount, the shoes were priced at only RM5.50.

However when he clicked in, he found that the price of the shoes ranged from RM5.50 to RM121.90

Still interested, he clicked 'Buy Now' and was confronted with this view

Sure enough, the final price shown was RM5.50, but for the shoe box.

Netizens laughed at his encounter, but many shared that they've also had the same experiences when shopping online

"Only the box is what I can afford to give you, dear," said a netizen.

To which, @Afirhuls jokingly cries, "Stupid right this advertisement".

"Pity. You were played," replied another Twitter user, using a pun on the word 'box' in Bahasa Malaysia.

This netizen said, "It's not even Shopee's fault. The seller must have listed the box and the shoes separately so Shopee displayed the cheaper price. This always happens to me."

"I thought I was the only one," said another user, sharing pictures of a RM1 powerbank advertisement that led him to the purchase page of only its pouch bag.

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