Malaysian Influencer Spends RM145,000 To Buy 'ANN4' Licence Plate That Resembles Her Name

We are jealous! (T⌓T)

Cover image via Anna Chin (Facebook) & Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia (Facebook)

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Malaysian beauty influencer Anna Chin has spent RM145,000 to secure the licence plate 'ANN4' because it resembles her name

In a Facebook post published yesterday, 28 May, Chin expressed her surprise at winning the bidding to get the licence plate. She was prepared to bid up to RM200,000 to secure it.

"After I woke up, I discovered that 'ANN4' is really mine!

"I was lucky. I thought I would have to bid around RM200,000. I bid up to RM145,000, but the [web page stopped loading after that].

"Finally, I won a license plate with my name. I don't pray to God often, [but] my luck was still great. Thank you for joining me in feeling my anxiety throughout the entire day yesterday," wrote the influencer, who boasts 227,000 followers on Facebook.

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Speaking to SAYS, Chin revealed that she is unsure which vehicle to assign the licence plate to

"I haven't decided what car to put it on yet. Maybe a Mercedes-Benz G-Class or a Tesla.

"Or maybe I'll just make a joke and buy a shabby Kancil and put it on temporarily," she said.

When asked if she got the idea to buy the 'ANN4' license plate after the Road Transport Department (JPJ) announced the bidding would start on 23 May, Chin said her husband had always wanted to purchase 'ANN4' for her.

"No, my husband was waiting for 'ANN4' even before the announcement," Chin said when contacted.

Last Monday, 20 May, JPJ announced that the licence plate beginning with 'ANN' would be open for bidding

The post on Facebook went viral, garnering over 1,700 likes and 700 shares.

Thousands of netizens tagged their friends, suggesting which licence plates to purchase, such as 'ANN3',  'ANN1', 'ANN15', 'ANN13', and 'ANN31', among others.

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