Malaysian Muslims Use Islamophobic Facebook Page As A Guide To Halal Eateries In Australia

‘Boycott Halal in Australia’ wanted people to boycott halal certified foods, but the plan backfired.

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Recently, a Twitter user shared a travel 'hack' for Malaysian Muslims who comply with a halal diet

On Monday, 2 September, netizen @myadlan wrote, "In Australia, there's a movement which boycotts halal products."

"However, a lot of Muslims like the Facebook page because it helps us know which companies offer halal food."

The tweet has since garnered 16,700 retweets and 13,800 likes.

The Facebook page 'Boycott Halal in Australia' was created solely to protest against companies that promote or use halal certified products and services

The organisation was founded in 2009 and it claims that it does not support the purchase of halal certified products and services because "they fund Islamic expansion in Australia and abroad".

The page regularly posts updates on companies and restaurants that are certified halal, with hopes that people will avoid purchasing from them at all costs.

However, the plan has backfired because Muslims on Facebook started thanking them for 'recommending' halal eateries

A netizen said, "I just want to thank Boycott Halal in Australia. As a Muslim, it has never been easier to find halal products."

Another Facebook user wrote on the page, "I really like this page as it helps me and other Muslims with Halal products. Because of this page, I found out brands I never even knew were halal! Thank you, Boycott Halal in Australia!"

Malaysian Muslims online are also impressed by this new travel 'hack'

"Give this page a like. Who knows, if you ever travel to Australia, finding halal food would be a breeze," wrote this netizen.

Another Twitter user wrote, "You're right. Instead of going through the hassle of googling for halal places, it's easier to just like this page and find out which restaurants serve halal food."

"Modern problems require modern solutions."

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Talk about turning a bad situation around

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