Malaysians Share Their Cutest And Most Memorable Encounters With Neighbours During MCO

Such feels!

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Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) came into effect in March, stories of Malaysians rallying to help one another has made headlines

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From raising RM11,000 to help struggling local businesses to turning their homes into factories to 3D-print face shields for frontliners, Malaysians sure do look after each other. #KitaJagaKita after all!

What they say is true, there's always a silver lining. <3

While we're busy looking out for family, friends, and frontliners, there's another set of people we should always appreciate and look out for. Our neighbours! They're quite literally the closest people to us.

With Ramadan in full swing and Raya just around the corner, now is the perfect chance to bond with the families next door and get to know them a little better. After all, good fences make good neighbours!

That's why we wanted to keep the good vibes going! Together with Tropicana, we asked Malaysians to share their most memorable encounters with their neighbours. Here are our favourites:

Note: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

1. “My neighbour gave me cheesecake three times”

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“He made it himself and it was so yummy. I encouraged him to start selling online because I would totally buy them. We're working on the details together because he's not so tech savvy. Before MCO we never even spoke to each other once.” 

- JL

2. "I was cooking ikan patin tempoyak when my neighbour called out 'Oi, sape masak tempoyak tolong share sikit!'"

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"Hahahaha. I sent her a container of it with sambal belacan and ulam. A couple days later she sent the container back with her homecooked asam pedas. So syok!" 

- Aisya

3. “I live next to an elderly couple so I do their groceries for them”

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“When it was only one person per household to do groceries, it was really tough on my neighbours. So I offered to shop for them for no extra charge or anything like that. But they're so sweet they would leave a tupperware of homecooked food at my door once in a while.” 

- Salman

4. “My neighbour has a lot of children and we like to sing and play music together"

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“I could hear them practising piano, so I opened my windows and strummed along with my guitar. The kids are all in primary school and younger. So so cuuuuute. The other day we sang Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes together haha.”

- Gem

5. “My neighbour is into fitness, we started working out with each other from our porches”

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“I'm not really a gym person but I started doing some burpees and workouts on my porch. My neighbour came out to give me some tips because my posture was all wrong and I was hurting myself lol. Now we workout together nearly every morning at 7am."

- Nick

6. "Our neighbour is also our landlady and she waived rent because we couldn't afford to pay"

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"Both my wife and I were forced to take unpaid leave and we couldn't afford to pay our full rent. Our landlady also happens to be our neighbour because the units are in the same condo but on different floors. I messaged her to ask if we could pay a little less due to our circumstances. Instead she waived our rent for the whole of MCO and said we can stay for free until we're able to afford to pay again. It was such a huge relief to us, you have no idea!"

- M.T.

7. "My family has always been close to our neighbour so since MCO started we've been sharing lots of food with each other"

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"When my mum decided to try baking bread, she would do two loaves. One for us, one for the neighbour. Meanwhile our neighbours would send over extra boxes of cereal, snacks, fruits... If any homecooked meals are extra special, confirm a plate of it will be passed from one house to the other haha. Almost every other day there'll be something on our dining table that was sent over from next door!"

- Jen

8. "We sit and chit chat on our respective balconies while having tea"

"I've bumped into my neighbour before but never really had a conversation with her. Since MCO, we've been enjoying afternoon tea together a few times a week on our respective balconies. It's nice to be able to talk to someone who's not a family member in the same house :)"

- Geeta

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