M'sians Share How The MCO Has Given Them Greater Appreciation Of The Women In Their Lives

"Now that I have to cook for myself, I realise how much effort and love my mum usually puts in."

Cover image via Ng Kok Aun & Zaidi Aziz

1. "I'm so thankful for my mum. I never knew how much energy it would take to entertain my 4-year-old daughter all day long!"

"My mum was too shy to be in the picture!" - Sukhbir

Image via Sukhbir Cheema

"Even before the MCO, my mum has been staying with us and taking care of our 4-year-old daughter while my wife and I work. However, now that we're all at home together, we realise how extremely patient my mum has been while taking care of our energetic daughter!

Juggling our daughter while getting our daily professional tasks done isn't easy. If it wasn't for my mum, we would have gone bonkers. I'm also extremely thankful for having my mum, wife, and daughter around to speak to. Imagine being indoors alone by yourself all day long. It can be a crazy experience."

- Sukhbir, 34 years old.

2. "My wife is such an amazing cook. She's recently been levelling up her culinary skills and making me some of my favourite dishes!"

Image via Colin Gan

"I'm so thankful for Valerie. Since we've all been stuck at home, she's been taking the time to read up recipes online and cook 'em for me <3 I never really realised how amazing her culinary skills were until now. It's so very sweet of her to take the extra effort to cook up the food I've been craving for!"

- Colin Gan, 31 years old.

3. "My sister is such a joy to be around. MCO is so much more fun and crazy when you have a sister to go through it together."

Image via Caroline Choy

"I'm thankful for my sister, and I could not imagine what MCO would be like without her. Before this, she was working in Melaka, but I'm so glad she was allowed to work from home back here in Subang. It made me realise how much I really missed her.

It's so nice to have a sister to dance with for a zumba workout, or someone I can toss flour on when we're baking together! She is also my calories controller and my daily reminder to go slow on my food intake."

- Carol, 30 years old.

4. "My wife always does the groceries, but now I'm in charge and it's much harder to stay under budget than I thought"

Image via Laila Zain

"I never knew grocery shopping could be so difficult. There are so many different brands for the same thing and all the math you have to do while shopping is impossible. Thankfully, my wife writes me a grocery list, including brand names, rough prices, and quantity, just to make sure I don't overspend or buy the wrong thing.

This MCO has definitely taught me to appreciate her and see how awesome she really is. What's more, she is working full-time, homeschooling three kids, taking care of the baby, cooking, and cleaning. She basically does everything!"

- Haikal, 35 years old.

5. "My mum is vegetarian, but she spends hours each day cooking non-vege dishes from scratch for me T.T"

Image via Gowri Chitra

"MCO has really made me appreciate my mum so much! I usually eat almost all my meals outside or order delivery. But since I'm home now, I actually see the effort my mum puts in to cook amazing meals for us every day. I never knew some dishes take hours to make.

And I'm such a picky eater summore, but she really goes the extra mile to cook dishes that I'll enjoy. I never have to wonder, "What to eat today ah?" 'cause I know that my mum will be whipping up something super yummy. Thank youuuuu mummy! Love you!"

- Gowri, 27 years old.

6. "I knew my wife was creative, but the MCO has given me a newfound respect for how amazing she is"

Image via Ng Kok Aun

"At the start of the MCO, my wife put her creativity to work by gathering some musician friends to record songs that bring hope to others. I'm touched by her initiative to look beyond our personal needs and bless others.

She has also helped me find creative ways to adapt to this season. At home, she's been picking out some of the best comedy movies to cheer us up. In fact, we haven't watched a movie together as a family for many, many years. It's been a great time bonding together!"

- Kok Aun, 58 years old.

7. "Now that I have to cook for myself, I realise how much effort and love my mum usually puts in"

Image via Zaidi Aziz

"I normally balik kampung once every two weeks to see my family, but things have been rather different since MCO. The one thing I miss the most is getting to eat my mum's cooking during Ramadan. Now that I have to cook for myself, I realise how much effort and love my mum puts in.

Throughout the MCO, I've been calling home to get some of her famous recipes. The great thing is that her recipes always turn out exactly the same way she makes it, so my cravings are satisfied! I really miss her and my family, and I wish we could be together <3"

- Zaidi, 27 years old.

To all the women who are going above and beyond, again and again, to ensure their families and friends are loved and looked after, we say thank you <3 You guys are the real MVPs!

Image via Giphy

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