Monkey Steals Woman's Phone In Popular Bali Temple And Bargains For Food

Look at this little businessman!

Cover image via @balitopholiday (Instagram)

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A video of a woman in Bali, Indonesia, negotiating with a monkey and bribing the animal with fruits to get her stolen phone back has gone viral on social media

The video shows a monkey perched on the ledge of the Uluwatu Temple walkway in Bali, having just stolen a female tourist's iPhone.

In hopes of getting her phone back, the woman initially offered a bag filled with what appears to be grapes, but the monkey was disinterested in her offer, gripping tightly onto the device.

The woman then pulled out an apple from her bag, which the monkey quickly snatched. However, it still showed no signs of returning the phone. The woman retrieved another apple and handed it to the monkey. 

Apparently satisfied with the third and final tribute, the monkey finally gives the phone back to the woman.

Watch a snippet of the interaction below:

The post, which was shared on 11 October, has since amassed over 25.3 million views on X and more than 344,000 likes on Instagram

Several X users found the interaction amusing, with one user saying that trading two apples for an Apple phone "seems like a pretty good deal".

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another user expressed their admiration for the monkey's efforts. "Gotta respect the hustle," the user tweeted.

Image via Twitter

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