Beijing Zoo Says Animals Started Fighting With Each Other After Seeing Humans Brawl

Animals see people fight, animals imitate the fight.

Cover image via @@manyapan (Twitter)

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Recently, a group of tourists were involved in a brawl over a dispute due to trivial matters at Beijing Wildlife Park in the Daxing District

According to a report in Global Times, the brawl took place on the afternoon of Saturday, 7 August.

The clash between the two groups of tourists was initially a verbal one but soon turned physical.

A video of the brawl has since gone viral

The about a minute-long video shows that at least six people were involved in the fight, which included hair pulling, tearing clothes, slapping, tussling, and even a crane kick from The Karate Kid film.

Security guards were eventually able to stop the brawl and settle the matter among the tourists.

"They shouted at each other, tore at each other, and many tourists and animals were watching. The two sides reached a settlement after mediation," read a statement from the park authority.

In the statement, the park authority also said that this was the first time the animals in the zoo had witnessed humans fighting each other

And apparently, the brawl left such an impression on them that later in the evening, some animals followed suit in their own enclosures and started fighting with the scene turning out of control.

Zookeepers had to step in to help the animals understand that fighting is "bad, very bad."

Footage of the brawl can be found below:

On the other hand, two monitor lizards were seen "hugging" each other tightly, until they fall to the ground only to get back up and continue their embrace in the parking lot of a local university here:

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