Muji Sells Malaysian Curry And Of Course, It Has Minimalist Packaging

"Looks like face mask."

Cover image via Honeycombers & Twitter @AzraaiAzuha

Nothing can stand between me and my love for Muji.

Except maybe occasionally Daiso.

But either way, I still love Muji. It's clean. It's minimal. And the stores somehow put me at ease.

Image via Honeycombers

Speaking of which, a Malaysian recently spotted several local dishes being sold at Muji Japan and it quickly went viral on social media

On 7 June, Twitter user @AzraaiAzuha shared photos of 'Malaysian Chicken Curry', 'Beef Rendang', and 'Chicken Masak Lemak' being sold in true Muji fashion.

Minimalist packaging.

The packets even indicate the level of spice on a scale of one to five.

Image via Twitter @AzraaiAzuha

Speaking to SAYS, @AzraaiAzuha shared that each packet cost roughly JPY490 (RM19)

The prepackaged meals are halal-certified and made by Brahim's Food Japan.

According to TheSmartLocal Malaysia, the dishes are also easy to cook. All you need to do is boil it in water or heat it up in the microwave and have it with rice.

His photos have been retweeted over 5,700 times, as many Malaysians commented on how proud they are to see local dishes being sold overseas

Others shared how much they love the packaging, while several joked about how they look very similar to face masks

Well, it's good to know Muji will always have our back if we ever miss Malaysian food in Japan.

You can check out the full tweet here:

If you've visited Japan, you would've probably spotted some of these items:

Did you know Malaysia has its very own 'Sakura Season'?

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