Netizens Want Rapid KL And KTM To Get Married After They Publicly Flirted On Twitter

It was Rapid KL who made the first move.

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February is the month of love.

And it looks like KTM Berhad and Rapid KL have nothing to hide in the love they have for each other.

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What started out as a Twitter rant from Rapid KL quickly turned romantic after KTM Berhad joined in for a conversation

In a tweet yesterday, 11 February, Rapid KL sarcastically commended an unknown Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) passenger for spilling chocolate drinks in a carriage.

"Chocolate-flavoured Spritzer water? You can only find this on a train. This is certainly our favourite creation by our beloved passengers," Rapid KL wrote.

Concerned about the mess, KTM Berhad asked if the spill was caused by the same passenger

"Is it the same person again, admin?" KTM Berhad asked, to which the Rapid KL replied with a flirtatious response.

"Yes. KTM Berhad will always be the same person who resides in my heart," wrote the cheeky public transportation system company.

Without missing the hint, KTM Berhad immediately popped the question

"You already started sweet talking, when can I ask for your hand?" KTM Berhad replied.

The railway operator probably came on too strong and left Rapid KL in a state of shock.

Their playful banter stopped there.

After seeing the unexpected lovely exchange, netizens jumped in celebration for their union

"Cannot wait for the wedding of the year. You two can have a wedding ceremony at the middle point in NU Sentral," suggested one person.

"Sigh. You two are being lovey-dovey openly now?" a Twitter user asked, to which KTM Berhad requested her to pray for their happy marriage. 

An excited netizen even took a screenshot of the public transport operators' conversation and envisioned that they will have a double-decker train baby one day.

"Maybe after this, we will get a double-decker train. Who knows? Congratulations!" said the elated netizen.

However, a netizen cautioned Rapid KL against marrying KTM Berhad as the latter is a player on dating app Tinder

"Don't believe in this ketam (crab, a wordplay of the abbreviation KTM), admin," a netizen said in jest, "Look, they are on Tinder."

The original tweet has gone viral with over 5,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Awww... So cute! We definitely cannot wait for more developments.

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You can read the full tweet here:

This is not the first time Rapid KL has behaved cheekily.

In 2018, the public transport operator tried to find the owner of a Tupperware through Facebook:

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