Malaysians Are Loving This Couple's Cross-Cultural Wedding With Lion Dance & Malay Dais

One of the couple's grandmothers is of Chinese descent, thus, they used their wedding ceremony to celebrate diversity in the family.

Cover image via 沙巴斗湖普照寺醒狮团 Persatuan Buddhist Tawau (Facebook)

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A newlywed couple has impressed Malaysians with their cross-cultural wedding ceremony that was conducted at Tawau Buddhist Association, Sabah

According to a Facebook post published by the association yesterday, 11 July, the lovely wedding witnessed the union of Fyza and Fikri, who were wearing traditional Chinese wedding attire on their big day.

Not only were they dressed in a bright red tang suit and qipao, but they also walked down the aisle with a lion dance leading the way.

Meanwhile, to incorporate their Malay roots, the pelamin (dais) was of Malay cultural influence with aesthetically-pleasing drapes and decorative white furnishing covered by flowers at the venue.

It is understood that one of their grandmothers is of Chinese descent and the couple wanted to use their wedding ceremony to celebrate cultural diversity in their family

A relative of the newlyweds said he grew up in a traditional Malay family. However, because he made many Chinese friends since he was a child and was exposed to Chinese culture, he enjoyed watching lion dance performances very much, reported China Press.

Maybe it was because he often watches lion dance performances, but he said his children have taken a huge liking to them as well.

He added that he did not expect to have the opportunity to see a lion dance performance at a Malay wedding banquet.

Another relative revealed that the lion dance performance was not to show off but to let everyone see the real Malaysian culture. They said the nation is a multi-racial country where all ethnic groups can respect each other's culture.

You can view videos of Fyza and Fikri's wedding ceremony here.

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