Muslim Couple Draws Praise From Netizens For Stunning Multicultural Wedding

"So beautiful! I feel like getting married too."

Cover image via Vencent Thiam/Facebook & Pan Productions/Sin Chew Daily

A Muslim couple's decision to don elaborate traditional Chinese clothing for their wedding reception has recently earned them applause and praise from Malaysians all over the Internet

A photo of the happy couple, Mohd Syafiq and May Phang, taken by wedding photographer Vencent Thiam quickly went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook.

It has garnered over 7,000 shares in only two days since it was posted on Sunday, 16 January.

Thiam complimented the handsome couple in his post, "Seeing this entrance at a completely Muslim wedding left me so emotional. The bride's costume was so gorgeous and everyone was applauding."

It was revealed that the couple had three outfits prepared for their wedding, that was each Malay, Chinese, and Western-inspired

Their first ensemble was made of traditional Malay songket, the second was Chinese dragon and phoenix-themed robes, and lastly was a classic Western white wedding gown and suit.

The groom said their idea to celebrate the different customs and costumes during their wedding was fully supported by both of their families

Syafiq explained to Sin Chew Daily, "My wife's father is a Chinese Muslim and her mother is mixed ethnicity of Chinese and Bajau, while I am Bruneian, so it definitely is a multicultural union."

His mother-in-law initially wanted them to wear a customary Bajau costume to perform their traditional igal-igal dance but they went ahead and danced it anyway in their Chinese costumes, which they thought was the best compromise and mix of cultures.

The viral post had comments from netizens all across Malaysia approving of the beautiful wedding

The photo had people admiring both the bride and groom's attires, with many commenting that it was too beautiful and wishing the couple a happy marriage.

Someone said he felt like getting married too.

This netizen also called the event a "true Malaysian wedding".

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