People Can't Get Enough Of This Precious Kitty With A Unique Eye Condition

Its Instagram account gained 40,000 followers in four months.

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Meet Niu Nai, a cat from China that has different eye colours because of a rare genetic condition

Niu Nai, which means 'Milk' in Mandarin, is a cute black feline that gained popularity because of its unique appearance.

According to NextShark, the cat was born with a rare condition known as heterochromia iridis, where the iris develops into different colours.

In Niu Nai's case, this meant one blue eye and one yellow eye.

What makes Niu Nai unique, however, is that the condition usually affects white cats

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This is because the gene not only affects the colour of the cats' eyes but their fur colour too, making it more common among white cats.

Niu Nai's owner, Clare Zheng, loves taking videos of the cat too!

Niu Nai's eyes dilating is a sight to behold!

And this kitty looks even more adorable during bath time

At times and in certain pictures, Niu Nai's blue eye can appear red

Don't worry though, the condition usually occurs whenever the cat's melanin moves or interacts with light.

Before the cat made its mark on Instagram, Niu Nai had over 16,000 fans on Weibo

Just four months since the precious feline's Instagram account was made, it has garnered 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Netizens just can't get enough of the precious kitty

"This little guy has brought me so much joy since I found out about him, thank you!!" an Instagram user commented.

Some even pointed out that the cat looks just like Toothless from 'How To Train Your Dragon'.

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Too cute for words!

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Meanwhile, do check out on this cat's dramatic expressions and reactions to life:

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