This Bearded Goat In Perak Is Attracting Praise From Netizens For Its 'Handsome' Look

Remos is a Saanen goat who lives on Muhammad Livestock Farm in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Cover image via Muhammad Livestock Farm/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

A well-groomed, white Saanen goat in Perak is getting attention from netizens for its "handsome" look

The photos of the goat, named Remos, were posted on the 'Muhammad Livestock Farm' Facebook page on Saturday, 6 July.

Remos' photos have since garnered over 3,700 shares and 1,500 comments.

"Because he's handsome, we took more photos," the caption read.

According to its owner, Remos loves being photographed and would actually strike a pose when he sees a camera

"Remos loves being photographed. Whenever he sees a camera, he would strike a pose and it would look like as if he was smiling in the photos," Ahmad M. Fadzil told New Straits Times.

Ahmad said he bought Remos from a breeder in Terengganu at RM750.

"At that time, I wanted to expand my business by breeding dairy goat as there was a high demand for goat milk," Ahmad explains.

"When I was selecting some female goats, I saw Remos and how beautiful he was. I bought him immediately," he added.

However, all that beauty does not come easily, as Ahmad shared that Saanen goats require proper maintenance and a clean environment

Ahmad runs the business with his twin brother Muhammad in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

The reactions to Remos have been udderly hilarious, to say the least

"I cannot accept this fate," a netizen joked.

Another netizen remarked that Remos resembles a unicorn.

"Maybe this is what people meant when they called me a goat while I was growing out a beard," one netizen joked.

"This is my real look. So handsome!"

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