[PHOTOS] Extravagant Costumes At Thailand's 'Miss Grand' Competition Go Viral


Cover image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

Thailand recently held the preliminary round for its 'Miss Grand Thailand 2020' contest and the costumes were stunning!

The annual beauty pageant was held on Thursday, 17 September, at Bagna Hall in Bangkok.

Representatives from provinces all over the country were seen dressed in lavish garments to win the title for the 'Best National Costume'. 

In less than a day, photos of the contestants garnered over 43,000 Facebook shares.

Here's a look at some of them:

Buffalo is an important symbol of Thailand's agriculture.

Image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

There were glorious costumes to represent Thailand's economic dependence on animals such as the buffalo for agriculture.

Several outfits featured elephants, which are seen as the country's symbol of prestige, power, and abundance

Other contestants wore attire influenced by the country's folklore and legends

Thailand takes great pride in its temple architecture and designers shone a light on them

This stunning white and blue porcelain-like dress was worn by a representative of the Chanthaburi province.

Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai designers showed off its art, culture, and craft with these ensembles

Nonthaburi, also home to the second-largest city in Thailand, starred a pottery-inspired outfit. 

And the country's national sport inspired an ensemble of one of the contenders.

Thai national martial arts-inspired outfit.

Image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

Meanwhile, these costumes reflect the heart and soul of Thailand... its food!

Boat noodles.

Image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

Siam ruby grapefruit, one of Thailand's exports.

Image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

Several provinces are well-known for specific landscapes, such as hot springs and volcanoes, inspiring these gorgeous pieces

Inspired by Ranong province's hot springs.

Image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

Buriram province has several extinct volcanoes.

Image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

Phu Khao Khouay National Park's fossils.

Image via Miss Grand Thailand (Facebook)

Here are more garments to admire that look like something out of fairytales...

You can check out the rest of the photos here:

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