Bring Your Kids To The Pinkfong Baby Shark Musical While It’s Still Showing In KL

Baby Shark will make you doo doo doo out of your seat.

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Probably every child and their weary parent has heard of the "Baby Shark" song

Although there are many variations to this song, it was the version by Korean education brand Pinkfong that took off.

Quartzy reported that Pinkfong's "Baby Shark" has been watched over 3.3 billion times on varying platforms. That's a lot of doo-doo-doos. It even inspired a "Baby Shark Challenge" last year.

So when we heard that Pinkfong and the gang was in town, we decided to pop in and see the viral sensation with our own eyes

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In "Pinkfong Baby Shark Live Musical", Baby Shark has disappeared from his peaceful home in far, far Ocean Land.

Daddy Shark immediately calls upon Pinkfong for help in finding Baby Shark.

Pinkfong, Hogi, and friends make the journey to Ocean Land, but will encounter many dangerous situations to get there. With his magic necklace and spells, Pinkfong will solve every problem.

Here are five things we loved about the Pinkfong Baby Shark Live Musical:

1. For starters, Malaysia has bragging rights as the first international host for the show

Pinkfong and his adoring Malaysian fans during a previous visit.

Image via Pinkfong

Malaysia marks the show's international debut, following a sold-out launch in Korea in June 2017.

There are currently no other announced locations for the show, so better catch it while it's here! :P

2. The original Korean cast and crew gave such a great performance, you couldn't help but dance along

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Yes, the musical features the original cast and crew all the way from Korea, and they danced for a whole hour with no break in between!

That alone is no easy feat, yet the cast pulled it off effortlessly with some energy to spare to do multiple flips and jumps in some songs.

Throughout the show, the cast also interacts with audience members - which the young ones will love.

3. Every character had a moment in the spotlight

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Pinkfong, who? Hogi is the character we should be talking about!

The little green hedgehog is a voracious reader who speaks multiple animal languages, which proves to be super helpful when he gets the group through the journey to Ocean Land.

Even the backup dancers had their own abilities, from being able to swim to doing taekwando, which helped in the journey.

4. All eight songs have catchy beats that will get everyone moving with it

It goes without saying that "Baby Shark" makes an appearance. It makes multiple appearances, in fact. If you went in not knowing the moves, you would have memorised it by the time you left the hall.

"The Penguin Dance" was our personal favourite. It should be the next "Macarena", if you ask us. 

Right flipper! Left flipper!

Image via Pinkfong! Kids' Songs & Stories/Youtube

5. It was a visual feast for the eyes

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More than just catchy beats, the show incorporates colourful LED lights and "interaction" with background projections to make it an immersive experience for everyone.

Catch Pinkfong, Baby Shark, and friends at Plenary Hall, KLCC from 8 to 16 September 2018!

There are three show timings on most days at 11am, 2pm, and 6pm.

Tickets start from RM88 and can be purchased here.

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Will you be taking a little one or yourself to the show?

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