"P*kimak!" – ​M'sian Mum Wins The Internet For Teaching Her US-Born Children BM Cuss Words

So dirty, yet so wholesome. <3

Cover image via CUT (YouTube)

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In our lives, most of us have had countless difficult conversations with our parents

But learning how to cuss in your parents' mother tongue is definitely not one.

In fact, it is a great opportunity to learn their angry side, which they probably try their best to hide from us.

To do just that, popular Seattle-based YouTube channel CUT put mothers and their children in one room to learn cuss words in their native languages.

The five-minute long video features mothers —  who are believed to have immigrated from Germany, Japan, Nigeria, and Malaysia — breaking away from their usual role as caretakers to teach their children how to express repugnance the way people in their home country would.

The Malaysian-born mother definitely stands out because she starts the video by teaching her children how to say "kepala b*toh" in Bahasa Melayu.

Image via CUT (YouTube)

"What does that mean?" her son asks.

"Oh, dick. But dick the whole thing, right? This one only the head one," the mother responds with great enthusiasm, leaving no room for confusion over the unique cuss words.

The mother and her children can be seen cracking up over the "just the tip of a dick" explanation.

The next swear word the mother teaches is "p*kimak", which she explains is a phrase to express "motherf*ck*r".

"P*kimak!" the mother snarls, adding, "You have to show anger in your face. Literally, it means more like a woman's genitalia. But when we say it, it's more like 'motherf*ck*r'."

Image via CUT (YouTube)

When the daughter tries to say 'p*kimak' after her mother, the latter disapprovingly says "that's too soft".

"You have to show anger. The anger must come from inside, you know? In your brain and you say it with your heart and soul," the mother lectures, to which her daughter responds, "I can't look at you and say that."

When her son tries it, she expresses her disappointment again, lamenting with a long face that, "They don't say it like the way Malaysians say. They are more American."

Image via CUT (YouTube)

The last cuss word she teaches is "mampuslah engkau", before expressing in disappointment that her children don't know the phrase

"The worst word in Malay when you ask people to go to hell. It is more like a 'go die'," the mother schools her children.

When her son asks her who does she use the phrase on, the mother relates that she uses it on "Malaysian b*tches who make me mad".

The mother then asks her daughter what is the meanest word she has ever said, the daughter replies "c*nt". 

"That is too British. That's so old-fashioned," says the mother, who is utterly let down by her daughter's swearing ability.

Image via CUT (YouTube)

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 180,000 views, with many netizens cheering the Malaysian-born mother for being hilarious

Most comments mentioned that the Malaysian-born mother is the star of the video.

Image via YouTube

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, back at home, some Malaysians use cuss words as the name of their restaurants:

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