8 Questions Homeschoolers Get Asked A Million Times

We're not just a bunch of weirdos.

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Homeschooling has become a more common thing over the years. Especially during these crazy times, it seems like going to a school doesn't have to be a necessity.

If you're studying, we're all basically homeschoolers now. Welcome to the team. :p

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These are some of the most common questions homeschoolers get asked throughout their lives:

1. "Why couldn't you just go to school like the rest of us?"

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Not all of us had much of a choice when choosing to be homeschooled i.e. moved overseas, couldn't keep up, or got kicked out of public school.

2. "So, means your mom was your teacher?"

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Not exactly. Homeschooling is created in such a way where you're able to study on your own and mark your own work. 

Depending on the family, some parents do supervise or guide their children while others allow them to be independent.

3. "So, you marked your own exams means you could cheat?"

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Yes, we could. But if we cheated throughout then we'd probably fail every exam when we finally got to college.

4. "If you’re homeschooled, how come you act so 'normal'?"

The common misconception is that we're all too socially challenged to fit into public school. That is a possibility if you didn't have a social life. But some of us are actually quite 'normal' and can blend in with society too. 

5. "So, you got to study in your pyjamas?"

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Probably most of us, yes. Just some of the lil' perks we had growing up.

6. "Didn't you feel like you were missing out?"

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Although there were times we might have wished we were 'normal' school kids, homeschooling was pretty fun. Not having to wake up at the break of dawn to catch the bus or deal with bullies and prefects are just some of the things we didn't envy growing up.

Sure, there are some parts we wished we had, like giggling about crushes or making fun of teachers, but for the most part, there are good and bad sides for both.

If you made it a point to maintain a social life while homeschooling, you don't end up feeling like you missed too much.

7. "So means, you don't have homework or tuition?"

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Our whole education could have been considered homework? :D

8. "It must've been so easy right? I wish I was homeschooled."

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There are pros and cons for both studying at home and going to school. Both sides having 'difficult' and 'easy' parts.

There were just as many assignments to finish, just as many grades and exams to worry about, and just as many expectations to meet as well. 

Don't worry, if you've caught yourself asking a homeschooler any of these questions — it's quite fun for us to answer them

As long as you don't continue to stare at us like we're from outer space. :P

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