[QUIZ] Which Malaysian Childhood Snack Are You?

We can't all be iced gems!

Cover image via OpenRice Singapore/SAYS

If there's one thing we all share, it's our love of food!

And as Malaysians, we grew up eating some of the most delectable snacks.

From iced gems and kacang putih, to Popo Fish Muruku and Ear Lobe Biscuits, we were simply spoilt for choice.

Image via Discover SG

Who else remembers rushing to the kedai runcit during rehat, or visiting the roti uncle after school?

Rain or shine, no one could come in between us and our addictive treats. 

Now, we can sit here and debate about which is the best, but we'd be here all day.

Instead, let us have a go at guessing which Malaysian childhood snack you'd most likely be!

Did your result surprise you?

No worries. Regardless of what you got, you'll always be a snacc to us! :P

If you're getting the munchies after looking at those photos, you can check out EZ Biscuit in Damansara Uptown for all your snacking needs:

A couple of places have also turned nostalgia-inspired flavours into artisanal desserts and beverages:

Alternatively, you can make your own soft potato buns just like the ones from Carrefour:

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