Laksa Tea, Haw Flakes Smoothies, And Other Unique Treats To Try At This Local Beverage Bar

Are they just as yummy in drink form?

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Lately, we've witnessed more and more local flavours turned into artisanal beverages and desserts.

Jumping on the bandwagon is this whimsical cafe in Penang that has created many Insta-worthy drinks and soft serves.

Established in April 2019, Gao Enough Tea is a beverage bar in George Town that has quickly become a popular tea joint for locals looking to cool off with quirky yet nostalgia-inspired drinks. 

Just take a look at some of their past creations! 

In April, they released the limited edition 'Durian Vanilla Milk Tea'.

Image via Instagram @gao.enough

Earlier in July, Gao Enough Tea came out with 'Peanut Butter Milk Tea' (left) and 'Nangka Bang Milk' (right).

Image via EverydayOnSales

Penangites love their laksa so much so that Gao Enough Tea turned it into a surprisingly refreshing drink

According to a video by Penang Foodie, 'L A K S A' combines tea, noodle-like jellies, and asam paste. It is then hand-shaken to perfection.

But no good Penang laksa would be complete without bunga kantan (torch ginger), the distinctive and indispensable ingredient used to mask the fishy taste. It's what gives this drink an extra kick.

Don't stop there! Why not pair your laksa with a tall glass of cendol?

The drink is complete with green jellies and corn bits.

Cendol-flavoured 'Franchise Light Favourite' (left) and 'Haw Flakes Apple Smoothie' (right).

Image via Mei Rei Qua/Penang Foodie

As if that wasn't enough, you can also relive your childhood days with this 'Haw Flakes Apple Smoothie'

This drink is as authentic as it gets with actual haw flakes blended in. You'll be sure to taste the sweet and slightly tart flavour of hawthorn berries.

Another fan favourite is their signature 'Humsup Milk Tea' - it's just sea salt, we promise!

There's a twist to this bubble tea as the silky milk is lightly seasoned with sea salt, making it ever so slightly 'ham'.

The salt brings out all the existing flavours you know and love, but you can always opt for their more classic-tasting brown sugar or Hokkaido milk tea.

If those flavours don't already pick your fancy, allow us to introduce 'Taro Vanilla Banana', 'Unicorn Lemonade', and 'Dark Chocolate Diamond'

This is their purple-coloured 'Taro Vanilla Banana'.

Image via Instagram @rasdewi

Not one for milky drinks? Check out their 'Fresh Fresh Lemonade' series.

Gao Enough Tea's 'Dark Chocolate Diamond' with their soft diamond pearls.

Image via Instagram @amanwhuut

For any MILO lovers out there, the beverage bar offers thick and chocolatey 'MILO Tornado Smoothies' as well as minty 'MILO Menthol'.

Gao Enough Tea also went viral last year for their beautiful unicorn and mermaid soft serve swirls!

Served in either a cup or cone, the ice cream combines two flavours and is topped with an edible unicorn horn or mermaid tail. 

Their latest addition is a pink rose and sea salt flavoured treat, covered in sprinkles and surrounded by cotton candy.

They previously served sea salt and charcoal flavoured soft serves!

Image via Instagram @vvenus.jpg

Want the best of both worlds? Ask for 'Dreamy Creamy' - their secret menu item!

This RM15 concoction combines one flavour of ice cream with milk and tapioca balls.

Each drink comes in a reusable can which can be opened just like any aluminium soda tin - by lifting the tab

They also strongly encourage using metal straws over plastic ones. 

You can get a set from them if you don't already have your own. 

Here's where you can find Gao Enough Tea:

Happy sipping!

16, The Whiteaways Arcade,
Beach Street 10300 George Town, Penang

Operating hours:
Daily (10am to 10pm)

If you live in Penang, you can also place an order for the drinks via this website.

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