These GIFs Will Make You So Geram You’ll Need To Squeeze Something

So. UNF.

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Some of us squeeze things to get the most out of something

1. We squeeze fruits to get our juice

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2. We squeeze bottles to get some sauce on our food

Image via Cook's Science

3. Some of us tend to get carried away…

4. Our mums like squeezing everything at home till the last drop, like this:

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5. And like this:

Image via Big Squeeze

6. Speaking of food, have you seen the Gudetama dim sum?

Image via Weekend Weekly

7. So gross...

Image via Weekend Weekly

8. But so satisfying to watch

9. Squeezeeeeeee

Image via The Londoner

10. Fun fact: This is how it looks like to squeeze honey out of a bottle in space

11. This is how you squeeze a corgi's butt

Image via Giphy

12. And this is how Pikachu squeezes its own cheeks

13. Geraaaaam!

Image via Tenor

14. Sometimes squeezing makes you stronger

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15. Other times, it helps you deal with pressure

Image via Reddit

16. So grab a stress ball and squeeze it

Image via Share Tap

17. Or squeeze this watery one

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18. Or this glittery one

Image via Slime Amino

19. You know what's most satisfying? Squeezing a pimple.

Although we're advised not to.


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