Savage Malaysian Lecturer Hilariously Exposes Students On Twitter. Nowhere Is Safe.

"No use if you're born handsome if you come to my class late every week".

Cover image via Twitter @shmlhzm

Budding singer-songwriter Amir Alif probably was not expecting his lecturer to reply to his tweet when he posted a picture of himself deep in thought

In his original tweet, Amir posted a picture along with the caption, "Sometimes I think to myself, why was I born handsome?" 

His lecturer, @shmlhzm, replied to his tweet in the most hilarious manner, "No use of being born handsome if you come to my class late every week".

The savage teacher's reply has garnered over 5,800 retweets and 4,900 likes at the time of writing.

Image via Twitter

The lecturer didn't stop there, as he proceeded to expose another student for being too occupied with "pretending to be an anchorwoman" that she handed in her assignment late

"No wonder you hand in your assignments late if you're recording on Twitter", his reply to her read.

The viral tweet has received over 6,000 retweets and 5,600 likes.

Image via Twitter

Despite his cheeky replies, the lecturer has since responded with nothing but praise for his two students

Meanwhile, these local lecturers are also going viral for their admirable actions:

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