Singaporean Competitive Eater Devours 8KG Worth Of Nasi Kandar In Penang

That giant plate of nasi kandar only cost him RM300.

Cover image via Nasi Kandar Sulaiman (Facebook) & @zermattneo (Instagram)

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A Singaporean content creator has broken a nasi kandar restaurant's record in George Town, Penang, by ordering and consuming the most expensive serving for a single person

In a Facebook post last week, Nasi Kandar Sulaiman announced that Zermatt Neo, a known competitive eater in Singapore, stopped by their establishment to take on the challenge.

"He made a new record by spending RM300 in a single order and finished eating all the rice and dishes on the plate. That was at least six servings of rice," said the restaurant in a video of Neo attempting to break the record.

Based on the video, here's what the restaurant prepared for Neo:
- Rice, totalling six servings
- Fish head, one piece
- Fried chicken, four pieces
- Beef, four servings
- Squid, five servings
- Prawn, four servings
- Squid eggs, five servings
- Fish eggs, four servings
- Hard boiled eggs, three
- Omelette, two servings
- Okra, six
- Green chilli, six

In a video he shared later, Neo revealed that he finished the 8kg plate of food within an hour

The video shows him enjoying the entire plate of food, and his final clean plate.

"Offically set a new record for the most nasi kandar devoured by a single soul with this RM300 beast!" he shared on Instagram yesterday, 30 June.

 "I challenge anyone to dethrone me, but be warned, this 8kg throne is made of rice," he added.

The videos have drawn thousands of views and comments, with netizens impressed by Neo's ability to consume such a large amount of food within such a short period of time

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Watch Neo demolish the entire plate of food here:

The former record holder at Nasi Kandar Sulaiman ordered RM218 worth of nasi kandar in February:

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