Are You Single & Handsome? Dato' Seri Vida Wants To Pay You RM10,000 To Be Her PA

"Wajib handsome."

Cover image via KRU Music (YouTube)

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"I want... I want... I want... you. Muack, muack, muack, muack, muack!"

That is probably how the job interview with Dato' Seri Dr Hajah Vida would go

Last Friday, 3 December, Vida — whose real name is Hasmiza Othman — posted a vacancy on Instagram.

The 50-year-old cosmetic entrepreneur is looking for a personal assistant (PA). The requirements? 

You would have to be a man, aged between 25 and 30, and "must be handsome".

For a role with such 'high' requirements, Vida said she is willing to pay you RM10,000

Speaking to mStar after her vacancy post went viral, she said she received about 60 emails for the position and 100 more applications in her direct messages (DMs).

Other than good looks, she said the candidate has to have good skills like any great PA should possess.

Vida said the candidate has to always be ready, as he sometimes needs to represent her to attend meetings.

She told the Malay lifestyle and entertainment portal that the RM10,000 monthly salary is not a scam, and that she is even willing to pay more than that if the person is able to do a good job.

"The RM10,000 (salary) is just a joke because you have to perform, and from there, you will only know (whether you can get paid RM10,000)," Vida said.

"I am not a scam. You can get more than RM10,000. I can give up to RM50,000 if you are great at the job."

A screenshot of Vida 'bathing' in money in a music video that was never released.

Image via YouTube

Vida revealed that she used to pay her former PA — Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli, who is also a cosmetic entrepreneur — between RM50,000 and RM100,000 every month

In the past, Vida planned to marry Iqbal, who is 23 years her junior, but their relationship fell apart before they could tie the knot.

Vida and Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli (right).

Image via Malaysiakini

In a separate report by mStar published on Tuesday, 6 December, Iqbal said the RM50,000 salary per month was hogwash.

"Previously, I started with only RM1,400. I requested for a RM200 increment and that got us into a fight until I almost got fired," he related.

Iqbal also told Vida to never bring up his name on any social media platform from hereon.

Earlier this year, Vida was embroiled in controversy when she told people who put up #BenderaPutih not to be lazy:

In 2018, she launched a cryptocurrency called 'Lavida Coin':