Love Daydreaming? This Competition Wants You To Do Nothing For 1 Hour To Win A Hotel Stay

The organisers hope that the event will encourage people to "step back and relax".

Cover image via Hin Market (Facebook) & Hin Bus Depot

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An event space in Penang is holding the perfect little competition for all the daydreamers out there

On 7 June, Hin Market announced that they are organising a 'Space Out Competition', where participants are expected to "do absolutely nothing" for one hour and win a one-night hotel stay for two!

The daydreaming champion will win a stay worth RM752 at Angsana Hotel in Teluk Bahang, Penang.

Hin Market hopes that the unconventional event will encourage people to "step back, relax, and take things one step at a time"

It will be held next month on 9 July from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at the Hin Bus Depot in George Town and the organisers encouraged everyone, young and old, to apply with a participation fee of only RM5.

Hin Market hosts art fairs at Hin Bus Depot every weekend.

Image via Hin Bus Depot

Unfortunately though, as of writing, registrations for the competition have closed

Within eight hours of announcing the event, the organisers had to close registrations due to overwhelming support from amused social media users.

The original post had amassed over 4,700 shares and over 3,200 comments from entertained Facebook users.

Many jokingly tagged their friends and asked them to join to win. Meanwhile, others wondered how the organisers will determine the winner.

Image via Facebook

To satisfy public curiosity, SAYS has reached out to Hin Market to find out how the champion daydreamer will be crowned

According to their official rulebook, it is true: participants are required to sit and do absolutely nothing at their designated spot for one hour.

To ensure it is fair, during those 60 minutes, participants are not allowed to:
– Wear shades, sunglasses, caps, or hats to cover their faces
– Check any gadgets or screens such as mobile phones and watches
– Fidget or move around
– Fall asleep, yawn, or blink excessively
– Chit chat or talk among one another
– Listen to music on earphones

The organisers will also be checking their heart rates every 15 minutes, so participants will really have to stare into blank space and channel their inner zen!

The individual who manages to maintain the most stable heart rate through the hour will emerge the winner.

Image via GIPHY

Hin Market told SAYS that there will be 100 participants battling it out on 9 July to prove they are the best at doing nothing.

We wish them all the best!

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