We Talked To The Guy Who Sent Money Flying At A Subang Club To Ask If He's Single

Cryptopreneur Tay Wee Shen told us that he shorted Luna, but the gains from it were not his main source of wealth.

Cover image via @gatitayan777 (Instagram) via 希佳新闻 (Facebook) & @weeshentay (Provided to SAYS)

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Remember the clubber who sent money flying with a Supreme CashCannon on the first night of the reopening of entertainment outlets?

The man went viral for distributing money while partying with local influencers at a club in Subang Jaya, Selangor on 15 May.

Although some members of the public criticised him for his braggadocio, many said that there was nothing wrong with 'making it rain' at the club as it did not hurt anyone and it was part of the fun.

Most netizens were just making jokes out of it, asking which club the man would visit next.

To find out why he gave out money at the club, we spoke with him to learn about his source of wealth and whether he is single, among other things

We met the man at Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur during an event last Friday, 20 May, and he told us that his name is Tay Wee Shen.

I am 29 years old, going to be 30," said the man clad in a white shirt.

"I am a cryptopreneur and a watch collector. I trade watches and do crypto projects. I also collect NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and trade them."

He told us he was wearing a Rolex Yacht-Master II that has a market price of between RM75,000 and RM80,000.

At the launch of Duke Fine Durian — a durian pastry store at the heart of Bukit Bintang — Tay refused to tell us whether he is currently single or not.

But there was no wedding ring in sight.

When I pointed it out, he smirked over the observation. So there you go, ladies. The man is most likely 'single' on legal papers.

He said he does not have a physical appearance preference when it comes to his significant other, but he would like her to be polite, smart, and show filial piety.

"(It would be great if) she is willing to learn new things about crypto, NFTs, or is a person in the industry," he said.

"If she is a watch lover, it would be a bonus."

Image via SAYS

When asked why he distributed money at the club, anticlimactically, Tay said it was all part of a publicity stunt

"I was invited to their event," he said, referring to the influencers he partied with.

"(Distributing money at the club) was just a marketing gimmick because I thought that doing that in that situation would get (me) a lot of attention from influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs)."

"It was just to build a brand. They also knew that I was trying to make a show, so they actually returned most of the money back to me."

"So they just picked it up and gave it back to me."

Tay could not recall the total figure that was given out to other clubbers, as he also used the cash to pay for the drinks that night.

"I am not a clubber and I can't really drink," he related, adding that he is merely a social smoker

Tay said he was not planning to party as he had to play golf at 7am on Saturday, 21 May.

He also clarified his relationship with Gatita Yan, an influencer with over three million Instagram followers whom he partied with, saying that they are just friends.

"In fact, it was Gatita who invited me to the party," he said.

When pressed on his source of wealth, the 29-year-old said, "30% comes from trading watches, 70% from crypto"

Tay started investing in cryptocurrency before the boom in 2017, with Bitcoin being his first crypto investment.

He started out with a RM30,000 capital and the rest is history, refusing to divulge his current net worth.

"I mean, I started with nothing lah," he said, reaffirming again that he is not from a rich family.

Image via SAYS

Tay also revealed that he shorted Luna, a cryptocurrency that saw its price plunge almost 100% from USD82 per coin to USD0.00016 today, 24 May.

Shorting in investing is a trading strategy that speculates on the decline of a stock or cryptocurrency. People who shorted Luna before its collapse reported a triple-digit percent growth in wealth.

In other words, people who shorted Luna before 12 May could easily become millionaires over a course of one week.

"Partly," he answered when asked whether he distributed money on 15 May because he made a windfall from shorting Luna.

"I would not say Luna changed my life, but it added value."

He said he will share more about his investing strategies — touching on shorting Luna — in a podcast soon.

Tay said he is also currently developing a crypto project to launch a Web 3.0 live broadcast platform, where content creators can benefit from.

You can follow him on his Instagram profile @weeshentay for more updates about his crypto project and investment tips.

Tay was seen sending money flying at a club in Subang Jaya, Selangor on 15 May:

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