Orangutan Shows Exactly Why You Shouldn't Feed Them When Visiting Zoo Negara

Did NOT see that coming.

Cover image via @znmzoonegaramalaysia (TikTok)

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Zoo Negara recently explained why visitors should not feed their orangutans after capturing a funny moment from one of its residents

In a TikTok video posted by the national zoo last month, an orangutan named Maya is seen casually walking towards a visitor.

While still remaining within the enclosure, Maya pauses to stand up, and seemingly looks around to check if anyone is watching her next move

It all seemed normal until the cheeky animal casually bends down to remove something from her foot and flings it into the air towards the cameraman.

The cameraman immediately pans out the video to see what the 'surprise gift' was

And this was the gift:

A poor hostage is seen quickly hopping away, relieved to have been set free.

Maya has since earned herself a reputation in the 'hood'

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Frogs beware.

This 'couldn't care less' attitude seems to be a common theme at the zoo:

Look at these other animals acting like true bosses:

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